Poetry features

Featuring this poem quote from Saaima Qureshi. How many of us have felt exactly the same way? To experience more of her words go to @crazy_words on Instagram

17.5.18 saaima qureshi


Featuring the poem Eating Me, what is is that you’re hungry for in your life? To read more of this talented aspiring writing go to @awestreetpoetry on Instagram

17.5.18 awestreetpoetry


Featuring the poem entitled Weary by Heather Luna Rose, it is full of beauty and intensity. We hope you’ll check out more of her work @hlrpoetry on Instagram, you won’t be sorry you did17.5.18 hlrpoetry. Heather Luna Rose


We fell in love with the imagery of this poem about poetry by Swati Barik. To read more of her moving words check her out @wordswithqueens on Instagram17.5.18 wordswithqueens Swati Barik



Featuring Catie, who says she “Is a quiet observer from this crazy and beautiful world.” To discover more of her work go to @thisiscmink on Instagram

17.5.18 thisiscmink Catiejpg.jpg



Featuring H. Chambers and her micropoem that captures that late-spring feeling. To read more go to @hchamberspoems on Instagram

17.5.18 h.chambers. hchamberspoems


Featuring Morganne from Ohio, USA & her words of inspiration. We all need a bit more of that in our lives during these sometimes angry times we’re living through. To discover more of her writing go to @bexleyheart on Instagram. Hope you’re having a positive week17.5.18 bexleyheart.morganne



Featuring these simple and powerful words from an emerging talent out of NYC-you can discover more of her garden of words @jhe.writes on Instagram. Although her poem is about being a mother, not of all us are mothers or have had positive relationships with our mothers and yet these words can still resonate with us because as women we are continually nurturing things: our creativity, our relationships, our gardens, our pets, our art, our friends &/or partners…the list goes on. Or perhaps we are also being nurtured by various fabulous women. It’s a beautiful thought, hold on to it & celebrate the beauty of you & the amazing woman you are. Much love from, Delta International Voices17.5.18 jhe.writes



Celebrating the art of concrete poetry by featuring Judith Agathon and her piece entitled, Air head. She is a graphic designer who creates fantastic concrete poems. To discover more of her work go to @calligramme on Instagram17.5.18 airhead


Featuring this creative combination of image and words. The artist said she “Was influenced by a friend to create this concrete inspired poem.” To discover more of this talent’s colourful illustrations and quotes go to @heartsoulmind1 on Instagram

17.5.18 heartsoulmindspace



Featuring such positive words from this emerging writer who says she, “Writes to understand the world and herself.” To read more of her work go to @rainydaypoetess on Instagram17.5.18 therainyday poet


Featuring these empowering words from an aspiring writing from Nashville, TN USA. To discover more of her writing check her out on Instagram @el.li.poetry17.5.18 el.li



Featuring Evany Martinez from San Diego, CA USA and her touching poem about her mother. To discover more go @poetrynirvana on Instagram

25.4.18 poetrynirvana


Featuring @poetryfromj from Instagram and her micropoem about transformations

25.4.18 poetryfromj

Featuring @schtickfigure_artist from Instagram. She is from India and told us she writes because it is a type of therapy for her

25.5.18 schtickfigure_artistjpg



Featuring aspiring writer Iris Nox & her beautiful micropoem about the inner strength we carry within all of us. To discover more of her work go to @irisnocturnal5.4.18 iris nox



Featuring a poem quote from Vaughn. She is from the US but is working in Cambodia for an anti-trafficing organization. She told us, “The women I work to serve inspire me- their honesty, sisterhood & desire for life.” We champion you, Vaughn, the work that you’re doing & the women you’re helping. To discover more of Vaughn’s work go to @thewoodendoor on Instagram

5.4.17 vaughn the woodendoor



Featuring an excerpt from, The Color of My Soul (available on Amazon) by a counselor and writer from the USA. She told us, “for me, writing is a form of expression and my response to life that cleanses the soul.” To read more of her work go to @ghettogeek_chic on Instagram

3.4.18 ghettogeek_chic


Featuring Tanya S., originally from India and now settled in Ireland. She says she “is attracted to dark poetry.” Her micropoem, Self-destruction, heart-wrenchingly falls in this genre. To discover more of her writing go to @airlesspromises on Instagram

3.4.18 airlesspromisesFeaturing YS from Pakistan. Her poem is full of springtime metaphors describing a woman. She told us that she is “inspired by IG poet Gemma Troy and began writing by keeping a journal.”  To discover more of her writing go to @shards.of.words on Instagram

29.3.18 shards.of.words



Featuring A. Lemieux from Montana, USA. She told us that her writing is “inspired by the stories that each of us carry inside of ourselves. Those common threads that are the human experience.” To read more of her work go to @ottertwirls on Instagram

28.3.18 a. lemieux ottertwirls


Featuring Lyn Patterson from NY, USA. Her poem, Becoming she told us is her reflection on the moment she decided to bloom without apology. She is inspired by flowers and feels their evolution is similar to that of women. To read more of her work go to @poetryntings on Instagram

28.3.18 Lyn Patterson poetryntings



Featuring *small*packages* from Sydney, Australia and her clever epistle to herself- we think it’s encouraging and could speak to many. To read more from this writer and performer’s work go to @smallpackagespoetry on Instagram

27.3.18 smallpackages Sydney


Featuring Elyia Tyne from Kent, England and her poem, On being a woman. She is an avid tea drinker who loves to write. To discover more of her works go to @elysiatynepoetry on Instagram


27.3.18 elysiatyne


Featuring Marina from Uruguay, South America and her poem quote. She told us she writes poetry “because it’s the genre that lets me express myself without too many words.” To discover more of her work go to @apoeticmemoir on Instagram

27.3.18 m.wolf

Featuring Meg Smith from Canada. She is an aspiring author and she has a powerful message to share with women. Meg’s voice matters to us, as do all the other female writers. To read more of Meg’s work go to @thisismegsmith on Instagram

26.3.18 thisismegsmith

Featuring Kaya’s micropoem, I am. To discover more of her writing go to @divinelovepoems on Instagram

26.3.18 divinelovepoems


Featuring Christy from Beruit, Lebanon. Her words about being true to who you are, are both tender and heartfelt. To read more of her work go to @pinkskyink on Instagram

25.3.18 pinkskyink christy

Featuring Emme from Dallas, TX USA. Her poem is positive and inspirational. Emme says she is “inspired by the beauty of life.” To read more of her work go to @emme_tropia on Instagram

25.3.18 emme_tropia


Cristina Filomena is from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Many of her poems are inspired by old journal entries from her past. Her book entitled, Lost: A Collection of Poetry & Prose, is currently available on Amazon. To read more of her inspiring words go to @cristinafilomenapoetry

22.3.18 cristinafilomena feature

22.3.18 cristinafilomena.jpg


Featuring Isabella J. Mansfield from the USA. As she says, “I’m a mother, a poet and a music lover…” Her work here is a clever epigram type micropoem. To experience more of her work go to @isabellajmansfied on Instagram

22.3.18 isabellajmansfield feature


Featuring the poet Recovering Muse from Boston, MA USA. She “believes in the power of love and random acts of kindness (so do we).”  “…they float,” we think many of us have been there in some shape or form. To read more of her poetry go to @recoveringmuse on Instagram

21.3.18 recoveringmuse



Featuring the talented Ailie Wallace from Scotland. She is a writer, poet and author. This is an excerpt from her poetry book, The Goddess Collection. To learn more about her poetry and collection go to @ailiewallace on Instagram

21.3.18 ailiewallace



Featuring Aquila from Africa. Her micropoem depicts the difficults of where to draw the line between aggression and assertiveness. Aquila is a writer and a runner. To read more of her work go to @aquila_b_poetry on Instagram

21.3.18 aquila_b_poetry


Featuring Thinoosha Shanmugamoorthy an Indian – Sri Lankan poet. This poem is from her Life Series Collection and captures the emotions of overcoming. She is the editor of @heartsofbloomelusiveinnersoul.wordpress.com. To discover more of her work go to @thinoosha_shanmugamoorthy on Instagram

21.3.18 Thinoosha_shanmugamoorthy


Featuring Abigail Zerr from Edmonton, Alberta Canada. Her poem resonates with the frustration we often experience in finding our voice whether as a poet or in other circumstances we find ourselves in as women. Experience more of her work @rainbow_ink on Instagram

20.3.18 Abigail Zerr rainbow_ink



Featuring Molly Murray from Montana, USA and her poem with delicate sea metaphors. Molly is a writer and founder of The Atelier Project: Conversations about Creativity, see www.mollymurray.squarespace.com .To experience more of her work go to @the_atelier_project on Instagram

20.3.18 Molly Murray atelier project



Featuring Natalie Cross from Los Angeles, California USA. She is an artist by trade and a poet. Her poetry has been published in various publications. To check out her geometric and vibrant paintings go @drkhorseknights on Instagram

20.3.18 Nat Cross


Featuring GLX from Cape Town, West Cape South Africa. She is a student who likes to write. Her micro poem is a cautionary tale about the ills of society. To read more of her poetry visit her @wristsofawriter on Instagram

19.3.18 writsofawriter Society


Featuring Juliet Ogodo, a poet and an artist from Lagos, Nigeria. Her poem Wisdom captures many of the questions we find ourselves asking in today’s world. To read more of her poetry visit her @nerojulietogodo on Instagram

19.3.18 Juliet Ogodo Wisdom



Featuring the talented Daje Morris and her poem Black Joy from her collection, Becoming Gold. Daje’s poems are “a documentation of her on-going process of learning to live shamelessly within the margins of beauty and strength.” To read more of her poetry visit her @dajemorrispoetry on Instagram


19.3.18 Daje Morris Black Joy



Featuring Elizabeth Daniel from Kentucky, USA. Her poem I was just a child, carries the painstakingly beautiful voice of a child, begging for forgiveness of a destiny it was not responsible for. Elizabeth’s own story is one of survival and strength of will and courage. Her publisher is Creative Talents Unleased & her poetry book “Depths of the Soul” are available on Amazon. To discover more of her poetry, show her some love @poeticlife33

16.3.18 feature poeticlife33



K.M. Krane is a writer & a poet based in Northern California. Her poem is a clever metaphor for the pain that our family history can bring us. She’s “looking for a good arborist for a family tree.” To read more from this talent check her out @k.m.crane

16.3.18 feature k.m.krane



Featuring the talented Tabby Brown out of Berlin, Germany. She is an emerging Poet who works in marketing. Poetry is a her great passion. Go to Instragam @tabbypoetry to read more of her work

16.3.18 feature tabbypoetry



Featuring Divya Hirani from London, England. Her poem captures the zeitgeist of our time. To read more of Divya’s work go to Instagram @soulofdivya

16.3.18 feature soulofdivya


Featuring artist and emerging poet Autumn Toenniss from Montana, USA. Her lovely micro poem is entitled, Forest of Limbs. To learn more about her words and art check her out @autumn_toenniss on Instagram

15.3.18 Autumn Toeniss poem


Featuring the work of emerging poet Arpita Chakraborty entitled, Apart. Arpita is an engineering student from Agartala, India and considers herself a humanist. To read more of her poems check her out Arpita_Chakraborty and on Instagram @arpita.c_

15.3.18 Arpita poem .jpg



Featuring Leah Pells. Her poem entitled, Dark Wolf is moving and hopeful. Leah is a poet, writer and artist. She’s also written a book entitled, Not about the Medal. To discover more of Leah’s poetry check her out @lp_writes on Instagram.

15.3.18 Leah Pells poem



This is the fresh voice of Morgan Gemay from Montana, USA. Her words resonate the importance of respect and love for mankind. To read more of Morgan’s work check her out @morgan_gemay on Instagram

14.3.18 Morgan Gemay Montana USA



We are happy to feature a poem by Australian poet Michelle Zuber. This poem emcompasses her thoughts about our own voices, “When dictionaries and textbooks are not written by us it feels wrong to apply them to us, to have them define us, considered as the authority on us.” To read more of Michelle’s work check her out @michellezuberwriter

14.3.18 Michelle Zuber Australia



An incredibly powerful poem by Lisette who is from Phoenix, Arizona USA. It’s about the complicated relationship between a mother and daughter. To read more of Lisette’s work please check her out @lettersfromlisette

14.3.18 lettersfromlisette



This selected feature celebrates what it means to be a woman. It is entitled, The Power of Woman by Ev. To read more of Ev’s work you can find her @poetrybybev on Instagram

14.3.18 poetrybyev



This talented writer from Quebec, Canada is translating forgotten female French poets into English, helping them regain a voice in the 21st century. We salute her amazing efforts. This simple and moving poem was originally by Louise de Vilmorin. To read more of these translated gems go to @poetessesrebelles on Instagram

14.3.18 poetesserebelles



Featured poem Staring Contests by M. Blake (USA), this micro poem packs a punch. To read more of her work check her out on Instagram @whiskeyandpens

14.3.18 M. Blake USA



A beautiful piece of poetry paying homage to an important woman in the poet’s life, her mother, by the Nero Juliet Ogodo from Lagos, Nigeria. To discover more of her work check her out @nerojulietogodo on Instagram

14.3.18 Oghenero J Ogodo Lagos, Nigeria

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