Meet the Author Series

Here at Delta International Voices♀️ we are very pleased to introduce you to our new ‘Meet the Author’ showcase, the talented and kind Molly Murray @the_atelier_project on Instagram

8.10.18 Molly Murray meet authorI.jpg

8.10.18 Molly Murray meet author II.jpg


We are proud to feature Elizabeth Daniel from Kentucky♀️in our ‘Meet the Author’ showcase. She is a beautiful woman, warrior & inspiration. Her latest poetry collection entitled ‘Depths of the Soul’ is available on Amazon. To learn more about Daniel go to @poeticlife33 on Instagram

8.10.18 Elizabeth Daniel

8.10.18 Elizabeth Daniel II.jpg






29.8.18 meet the author lyn pattersonI.jpg

29.8.18 meet the author lyn patterson II


29.8.18 meet the author morgan gemay marksI

29.8.18 meet the author_morgan gemay marksII