A place for women to showcase their writing


What is Delta International Voices?

It is a new writing platform based out of Switzerland that seeks to showcase female poets young and old at all stages of their writing journey. To support us follow us here, on Instagram @deltaintern and on Facebook.


Why use the name Delta?

Our inpiration for the name comes from here.

“The delta symbol represents femaleness in general: by extension of the womb, motherhood, female sexuality, life spirit embodied in menstrual blood or the world-activating power of the goddess herself. The same symbol stood for ‘woman’ and Goddess among ancient Egyptians, pre-Hellenic Greeks, Tantric Buddhists and gypsies who migrated westward from Hindustan.”

From The I Ching of the Goddess, fig. 1 p. 17

-Barbara G. Walker, American author & feminist

Why use International voices?

Although we are based in Switzerland, our aim is to develop an international platform for female poets around the world.

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